Exclusive Training Program on Basic Usage of AmiBroker & Plugin

Venue: Dhaka Trade Center (14th floor), 99 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215
Last batch (70th Basic Technical Analysis) was lively. We could not accept every applicant as our seats were limited.
Course Details

Session-1:  Technical Analysis Platform

  1. What is AmiBroker
  2. Why to use AmiBroker
  3. Installation guide
  4. Setting up Database
  5. Update Data manually
  6. Data import setting

Session-2:  Charts, Indicators, Tools

  1. Charts selection
  2. Charts drag & drop
  3. Charts modification
  4. Parameter modification
  5. Using of color code
  6. Split & marge setting
  7. Toolbar setting
  8. Preference setting

Session-3:  Introduction to Pattern Explorer, Stock Bangladesh Plugin

  1. Pattern Explorer installation guide
  2. Stock Bangladesh Plugin installation guide
  3. Stock Bangladesh Plugin setting
  4. Pattern Explorer chart setting
  5. Pattern Explorer parameter setting


Session-4:  Amibroker AFL, Scan, Exploration

  1. Working with chart sheets and templates
  2. Importing AFL formula from SB Blog
  3. Using Drawing tools
  4. Using fundamental data
  5. Use of Exploration
  6. Custom scan argument
  7. Troubleshooting



The Course Includes
  • Historical database from 2009- prices and volume O, H, L, C, V of all traded securities of Dhaka Stock Exchange
  • Adjusted database from 2009- dividend and split adjusted database of all traded securities of Dhaka Stock Exchange
  • Indicator collection- a collection of 600 indicators, overlays and exploration will be provided
  • Backup disc- a backup disc will be provided to retrieve the software and setting
Course Overview

Capital market in Bangladesh is going through developing session. The prime bourse Dhaka Stock Exchange has 508 listed securities, among them 303 are company stocks, 36 are mutual funds and others are corporate bonds, debentures and treasury bonds. On an average daily 290 securities traded at Dhaka Stock Exchange.

For safe investment and decent return, information about the price history is essential. AmiBroker is software that holds the information of all trading data like open price, high price, low price, close price and traded volume. AmiBroker can deal with thousands of securities and hundred years of data. AmiBroker is a popular technical analysis platform and its use is widespread throughout the world.

For successful trading and investing it is necessary to know the stock’s historical trading information and knowledge to forecast the direction and the future price action. Using AmiBroker will help traders and investors to make such trading decisions. Advanced traders and investors can optimize and backrest their trading strategy with this software. Technical analyst can modify indicators through AFL function. Traders and investors can run custom scan for suitable stocks with AmiBroker.

After The Training Participants Can-
  • Use the graphical interface that presents price, volume and technical analysis indicators through a variety of visual interfaces such as line, bar, candlestick and open-high-low-close (OHLC) charts
  • Use verity of interval periods from minutes to months
  • Use drawing tools to draw trend line, support and resistance, channels etc.
  • Use advanced drawing tools like Fibonacci study tools and Gann squire tools
  • Maintain multiple databases
  • Test technical analysis investment timing strategies against historical price movement
  • Optimize technical analysis indicator parameters
  • Scan the market to identify investment opportunities that meet a user's specific investment criteria
  • Maintain notification of when specific price, volume and technical analysis investment conditions are met
Why StockBangladesh Ltd

As you are aware, Technical Analysis is the forecasting of future financial price movements based on an examination of past price movements. Technical Analysis can help investors anticipate what is "likely" to happen to prices over time by using a wide variety of charts that show price over time. Technical Analysis, which relies heavily on the historical price trend, is a good tool for informed investors for picking the entry and exit point for a select stock. Using Technical Analysis, investors can learn the trends and patterns of price movement of a stock and use it to invest in his benefit. In a growing market like ours, knowledge of Technical Analysis is crucial for every investor, whether individual or institutional.

Above schedule is subject to change without prior intimations
NO SMOKING is allowed inside the class
Please keep your mobile in SILENT MOOD
Training Details
Start Date: 16 March 18
End Date: 16 March 18
Days in Week: 2018-03-16 00:00:00
Duration: 3 Hours / Day Long
Time: 00:00:00-01:00:00
Last Date of Reg.: 16 March 18
Training Fees: BDT 2000 - per Participant
Facilitator's Profile
Team of Expert Researchers from StockBangladesh Ltd.'s Research and Development Department.
Who Should Attend
  • Professional Technical Analyst
  • Individual Technical Analyst
  • General Investors
  • Personnel Interested in Capital Market
Learning Methodologies
  • Presentation
  • Facilitator Feedback
  • Discussion
  • Q & A
  • Exercises
Special Notes
  • Participant should  have computer literacy
  • Sophisticated Computer Lab with high-speed Wi-Fi Internet
  • Refreshments during breaks.
  • Course Material, Notebook, Pen etc will be provided.
  • Interested persons are requested to register at their earliest.
Registration Process
Step 01: For online registration Click here
Step 02: Deposit the training fee to Account No. 107-110-9792 at ANY BRANCH Of of Dutch-Bangla BANK LTD favoring STOCKBANGLADESH LTD.
Step 03: email the scanned copy of the Bank deposit slip at training@stockbangladesh.com to ensure your participation.
Or Visit our office for registration.
Seat will be confirmed after payment. For registration or information please call Hot-Line

0192 9912 878

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Phone: +88 02 8189295-8
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Payment Policies and Procedures:
Payment is to be made by last date of registration. If you cannot attend any program for which you have paid, a notification within no less than 2 business days prior to your session’s start is required for courtesy transfer to use in any future Training program. If you fail to attend without notifying us in writing, in fairness to all attendees, neither a refund nor a courtesy transfer will be issued.