Who Should Attend
  • Professional Technical Analyst
  • Individual Technical Analyst
  • General Investors
  • Personnel Interested in Capital Market
Course Overview

Capital market in Bangladesh is going through developing session. The prime bourse Dhaka Stock Exchange has 508 listed securities, among them 235 are company stocks, 41 are mutual funds and others are corporate bonds, debentures and treasury bonds. On an average daily 255 securities traded at Dhaka Stock Exchange.

For safe investment and decent return, information about the price history is essential. AmiBroker is software that holds the information of all trading data like open price, high price, low price, close price and traded volume. AmiBroker can deal with thousands of securities and hundred years of data. AmiBroker is a popular technical analysis platform and its use is widespread throughout the world.

For successful trading and investing it is necessary to know the stock’s historical trading information and knowledge to forecast the direction and the future price action. Using AmiBroker will help traders and investors to make such trading decisions. Advanced traders and investors can optimize and backrest their trading strategy with this software. Technical analyst can modify indicators through AFL function. Traders and investors can run custom scan for suitable stocks with AmiBroker.

Objectives of Course
  • Use the graphical interface that presents price, volume and technical analysis indicators through a variety of visual interfaces such as line, bar, candlestick and open-high-low-close (OHLC) charts
  • Use verity of interval periods from minutes to months
  • Use drawing tools to draw trend line, support and resistance, channels etc.
  • Use advanced drawing tools like Fibonacci study tools and Gann squire tools
  • Maintain multiple databases
  • Test technical analysis investment timing strategies against historical price movement
  • Optimize technical analysis indicator parameters
  • Scan the market to identify investment opportunities that meet a user's specific investment criteria
  • Maintain notification of when specific price, volume and technical analysis investment conditions are met
  • Make custom indicators and exploration and reporting tools through AFL function
We Know What You Need To Know
  • Historical database from 2009- prices and volume O, H, L, C, V of all traded securities of Dhaka Stock Exchange
  • Adjusted database from 2009- dividend and split adjusted database of all traded securities of Dhaka Stock Exchange
  • Indicator collection- a collection of 600 indicators, overlays and exploration will be provided
  • Custom indicators- complex custom indicators will be provided as per participant’s requirement
  • Backup disc- a backup disc will be provided to retrieve the software and setting
Course curriculum

Session-1:  Introduction To AmiBroker

  1. What is AmiBroker
  2. Why to use AmiBroker
  3. Installation guide
  4. Database setting
  5. Industry sorting
  6. Data import setting
  7. Toolbar setting for quick access
  8. Preference setting
  9. Interval setting
  10. Working with chart pan
  11. Working with sheets
  12. Working with interval and link
  13. Charts selection
  14. Charts drag & drop
  15. Charts modification
  16. Layout setting

Session-2:  Charts, Indicators, Tools

  1. Advanced charts
  2. Parameter modification
  3. Using of color code
  4. Indicator modification
  5. Indicator time setting
  6. Split & marge setting
  7. Bar replay
  8. Trend line
  9. Ray line
  10. Extended line
  11. Horizontal line
  12. Vertical line
  13. Parallel lines
  14. Regression channel
  15. Triangle
  16. Rectangle
  17. Ellipse
  18. Arc
  19. Cycle
  20. Text
  21. Zigzag
  22. Fibonacci retracement
  23. Fibonacci arc
  24. Fibonacci fan
  25. Fibonacci time zone
  26. Fibonacci extension
  27. Fibonacci time extension line
  28. Gann fan
  29. Gann squire

Session-3:  Introduction to Pattern Explorer, Stock Bangladesh Plugin

  1. Pattern Explorer installation guide
  2. Stock Bangladesh Plugin installation guide
  3. Stock Bangladesh Plugin setting
  4. Pattern Explorer chart setting
  5. Pattern Explorer parameter setting
  6. Heiken Ashi setting
  7. Tio Setting
  8. Echimoko setting
  9. Pattern recognition
  10. Andrews’ pitchfork
  11. Fibonacci retracement
  12. Fibonacci arc
  13. Fibonacci fan
  14. Fibonacci time zone
  15. Fibonacci extension
  16. Fibonacci time extension line
  17. Gann fan
  18. Gann squire

Session-4:  Introduction to AFL (AmiBroker Formula Language), Scan, Exploration, Back Test, Optimization, Report

  1. Basic AFL writing
  2. Plot function
  3. Plot Foreign function
  4. Argument initiation
  5. Formula modification
  6. GetFnData function
  7. Using fundamental data
  8. Custom scan argument
  9. Scan and arrow plotting
  10. Trading system development
  11. Use of Exploration
  12. Filter setting
  13. Add Column function
  14. Custom report generation
  15. Add To Composite function
  16. Use of composite and index
  17. Business cycle analysis
  18. Use of account
  19. Trading system Back Test
  20. Optimize Trading System
  21. Optimize indicator parameters
  22. AmiBroker maintenance